Why should you protect your business?

Pool builders and installers are typically at risk in two different settings, within the business premises and when at the customer’s home. At your premises you have the obvious risk of damage to your building. We have also seen several claims involving damage to stock, particularly fiberglass pools stored outdoors which are susceptible to fire, storm, hail, or malicious damage from trespassers. 

At the home of your customers, the installation process can become very technical, particularly when dealing with an existing property with limited access. We have seen claims for damaged fences and neighbouring properties while trying to gain access, roof damage while installing hot water solar systems, damage to underground facilities during the excavation process and leaking pools from faulty installation.

What is unique to Adroit’s offer?

Having a large portfolio of business across Australia means we can negotiate better coverage at discounted prices for our clients. Our policies are designed to cover you at your retail store, at your customer’s home and while travelling between the two. Our coverage can be tailored to include cover for various exposures such as damage to property and stock, pools while in transit, loss of revenue, public liability, product liability and faulty workmanship.

How can you protect yourself?

Speak to an Adroit Broker today, together we will develop the right insurance protection for your business.