In this day and age, travelling for work is hard to avoid. Travelling always comes with risks, so make sure you and your staff are covered for whatever comes your way while on the move.

What is Corporate Travel cover?

Corporate Travel insurance covers you and your staff whilst undertaking work related travel – including overseas medical costs, lost luggage, canceled flights and more.

Who’s at risk?

Anyone who travels overseas or interstate for business purposes, or has staff who travel for business purposes, should seek out corporate travel cover to protect their staff, themself, and their business.

Why you should protect yourself?

While there isn’t legislation requiring you to obtain this cover, you do have a moral obligation to keep your staff safe – even while they are working outside of the office. By protecting yourself and your staff, you’re ensuring everyone’s looked after, including your business.

How can you protect yourself?

Take control of the wellbeing of your staff by discussing the benefits of Corporate Travel cover for your business with one of our expert insurance brokers.