When a building is being constructed or renovated, it can’t be insured as an existing building would be. You’ll need a construction and builders policy to protect your investment.

What is Construction and Builders cover?

Construction and Builders Insurance protects you against loss or damage at the site, materials in transit, can cover legal responsibilities for on site injuries, and against builders going bankrupt.

Who needs protection?

Anyone who is a principal of a building site. If you are a construction business that’s been contracted for a build, this is for you, not the eventual owner of the property. Legislation varies state by state as to what cover you need, but regardless, better safe than sorry! Speak to your broker to find out whether responsibility for insurance rests with you.

How can you ensure your business is protected?

While you can never completely eliminate risk, you can lower it by knowing what assets you need to protect and what steps to take to do so. Talk to one of our brokers – they’ll work with you one-on-one to make find a plan that’s tailored to your needs.