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Keep faith in your Insurance…

Nobody is underestimating the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the SME businesses that are the heartbeat of the Australian economy. And of course, hard decisions will have to be made by business owners across the nation as restrictions designed to slow transmission of the virus take a heavy toll on a range of different… Read more

Business interruption cover
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Protecting our Healthcare Heroes

Australian healthcare providers are our true heroes as they put their patients’ treatment before their own personal health and safety. Unfortunately, several AHPRA registered professionals in private practice such as GP’s, dentists, psychologists and physiotherapists do not have access to an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE).  Practitioners are rationing the use of their… Read more

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COVID -19 Well-Being and Staying okay…

For most of our clients, having a workforce working from home is the new normal.  No doubt you’ve already implemented the necessary policy and procedures around the logistical issues and embraced “business as usual”. This virtual bubble that we are now existing in presents a number of challenges that can’t be found in the company… Read more

Cyber Security Essentials
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Cyber Security – Helpful Info and Tips for working from Home

With so many employees across multiple industries currently, or about to, work from home companies need to consider their cyber and privacy protocols. Working from home can result in a watering down of a company’s face to face oversight, its procedures, its compliance and its security. At the same time the company’s exposure expands to… Read more

Cyber Security
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Travel Insurance

Travellers have been disrupted by Coronavirus (COVID-19) due to travel restrictions, while others are reluctant to travel due to the increase risk that the disease poses. The purpose of this paper is to look at the cover available under two types of travel insurance. Travel Insurance There are several types of travel insurance policies in… Read more

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Coronavirus (COVID 19) and Business Interruption Insurance

Australian Businesses have been disrupted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in many ways, such as travel, import and or export restrictions. The purpose of this paper is to explain and warn that general insurance is unlikely to provide the protection that it does for traditional risks such as fire, burglary or storm. This paper looks at… Read more

consolidating your super
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Google is a lousy insurance broker. Here’s why…

In the 24/7 Google-driven world that we now live in, there is no shortage of sites offering advice on just about everything under the sun. Type the search term, click, scroll and you are bound to find what you’re after. Herein lies the pitfall. We’re also living in the age of misinformation. What if the… Read more

Keyboard typing
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Take care with asset valuation…

So you reckon you know what your assets are worth. But do you really? It’s important to remember that even if your business has acquired every type of relevant insurance policy, if you’ve underestimated the value of your property, contents, equipment or other assets you could be horribly exposed. Underinsurance can have major consequences in… Read more

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Workplace Manslaughter Laws 2019

Work Safe has confirmed a change to the way Victorian premiums will be calculated in 2020/2021.For more than 10 years, each year’s premium rate was impacted by the cost of claims received in a prior 2.5 year window. For example, the 2019/2020 premium rate was impacted by the cost of claims received in the period… Read more

Professional Services
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Corona Virus. What to do as an employer?

In response to the outbreak of the Corona Virus and its expansion across borders, including into Australia, let’s take a look at how Australian employers ought to address this issue. Protect your staff: We need to ensure we do not allow an environment that fosters contamination or encourages spreading. Make sure all staff are aware… Read more

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