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Ransomware: the emerging trend in cyber threats

In the latest example of how brazen cyber thieves have become, the perpetrators behind a ransomware attack on Japanese camera maker Canon dumped some of the encrypted data online when the company refused to meet its demands. In Australia, an insurer agreed to a $350,000 bitcoin payment to free a client’s system from a new… Read more

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Have you got a workers compensation plan for returning to work?

As the Victorian government teases us with a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel – it’s time to start thinking about our normal day to day activities; both in relation to your business and your staff.  During COVID19 restrictions, Workers Compensation has been a vital component of each business as it is usually… Read more

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Adroit Market Summary

2020 will undoubtedly go down as one of the most challenging years that many of us have faced. The COVID-19 Global Pandemic has seen unemployment levels  rise to their highest levels in 12 years, and for those that remain in the workforce, the conditions under which they are employed have been altered significantly. Businesses have… Read more

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Nailing it: having the right cover is critical for tradies…

Business conditions for Australia’s tradies have been in a state of flux as coronavirus pandemic restrictions have been introduced and eased, and in some cases strengthened again, and as client budgets are recalibrated. After months of social distancing the coronavirus is continuing to have impacts across the country. In Victoria harsher lockdowns have put the… Read more

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Adroit Insurance & Risk’s Community Impact

Community Support is part of Adroit Insurance & Risk’s DNA, raising over 2 million dollars for local community organisations and foundations since its inception. In 2019 alone the Adroit team completed over four hundred hours of volunteering, raised $183,350 from its fundraising events, and donated $39,000 to local communities. Fundraising is a passion of the… Read more

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Does your Business need an Insurance health check?

Rarely do businesses stay static. There is constant change in the environment and the needs of your business also change. Expansion or contraction in operations, your clients’ needs may change which may create new situations for your business that are not currently covered by your insurance program. What was in place six months ago may… Read more

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Keeping SMEs covered is a priority for insurers…

With blanket media coverage of COVID-19 and government restrictions on activities that we once took for granted, it can be easy to overlook that all the normal pre-pandemic risks to businesses remain, and it’s just as important they are still covered. Denials of business interruption and travel claims due to the pandemic have sparked headlines… Read more

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How to avoid Cyber – Security incidents within remote work forces…

With more of your employees working from home, how ready will you and your employees be when a cyber security disaster strikes? At Adroit Insurance & Risk, we’ve seen cyber attacks target businesses of all sizes, types, and industries. The unfortunate reality is that no business – whether you operate a small, mid size, large,… Read more

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Why it pays to review your cover?

Your life insurance is flexible and can be adapted to your changing needs. Make sure you have a cover review with your adviser every 12-18 months to ensure you’re covered for just the right amount, paying the right amount, and getting the best value from your policy. Every 12-18 months, make sure you ask yourself,… Read more

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Worksafe – JobKeeper scheme changes. Will it affect your business?

ReWork advises all Victorian employers that WorkSafe have amended their formal position on weekly entitlements to WorkCover claimants and the federal government’s JobKeeper scheme. It has been determined by the authority that payments made as part of the JobKeeper programme will no longer be counted as weekly earnings when calculating workers compensation entitlements. Should you… Read more

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