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The Coronavirus outbreak has completely upended the business community, with many SMEs forced to operate remotely while their shops and offices remain empty indefinitely. Never has it been so critical to have premises safely secured. The tough shutdown measures, aimed at slowing the community spread of the virus, are anticipated to last for six months,… Read more

Business Interruption Insurance
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Landlords Insurance & COVID-19

Am I covered if my tenant stops paying rent? Landlords insurance has optional coverage for Loss of Rental and for Rent Default. The Loss of Rental coverage applies after an insured event (damage), and in the event of a Tenant not paying rent relating to COVID-19 there is no insured event that has occurred, so… Read more

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Insurance FAQ’s and Information relating to COVID-19

Business Interruption / Loss of Rental Insurance Will my business interruption insurance cover me for any loss of revenue / loss of rental suffered as a result of the COVID-19 virus? This may include reduced sales and additional expense relating to conducting business, cleaning of premises and losses due to the cancellation of events. Business… Read more

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How can you mitigate your insurance costs and still stay protected ?

In these difficult times it is important that you maintain insurance protection for your assets. We understand that in many cases cash flow/income will be reduced and there are options available to assist in maintaining your insurance protection. Flexible Payment Options To smooth out the premium we can arrange a monthly installment plan and this… Read more

Business Expense Insurance
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What happens if I cancel my Professional Indemnity cover? Can I do without it?

If you sell your car you can stop insuring it; motor vehicle insurance covers risks on an “occurrence” basis and once the car is gone so is the risk. Professional Indemnity is different. Professional Indemnity works on a “claims made” basis and you must have insurance in place at the time a claim is made… Read more

Adroit Insurance Group
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I sell Products – Should I continue buying Liability insurance?

If you sell a product, you will have a long term exposure to the potential of injury or damage resulting from the use and operation of your product, thus the need for Product Liability insurance. Liability insurance policy has two sections of cover – Public Liability and Product Liability, and most of the time the… Read more

Pay an Invoice
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COVID-19 – Potential Savings on WorkCover Premiums in the event of Employer Staffing Reductions

Your annual 2019/20 WorkCover premium was calculated by multiplying your estimate of remuneration by your premium rate. Many businesses are unfortunately in the unexpected situation of reducing the remuneration that they budgeted to pay their workers this year. As a result, these businesses can reasonably foresee that the actual remuneration that they will pay their… Read more

Rework Aspire
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Keep faith in your Insurance…

Nobody is underestimating the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the SME businesses that are the heartbeat of the Australian economy. And of course, hard decisions will have to be made by business owners across the nation as restrictions designed to slow transmission of the virus take a heavy toll on a range of different… Read more

Business interruption cover
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Protecting our Healthcare Heroes

Australian healthcare providers are our true heroes as they put their patients’ treatment before their own personal health and safety. Unfortunately, several AHPRA registered professionals in private practice such as GP’s, dentists, psychologists and physiotherapists do not have access to an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE).  Practitioners are rationing the use of their… Read more

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COVID -19 Well-Being and Staying okay…

For most of our clients, having a workforce working from home is the new normal.  No doubt you’ve already implemented the necessary policy and procedures around the logistical issues and embraced “business as usual”. This virtual bubble that we are now existing in presents a number of challenges that can’t be found in the company… Read more

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