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Workplace Manslaughter Laws 2019

Work Safe has confirmed a change to the way Victorian premiums will be calculated in 2020/2021.For more than 10 years, each year’s premium rate was impacted by the cost of claims received in a prior 2.5 year window. For example, the 2019/2020 premium rate was impacted by the cost of claims received in the period… Read more

Professional Services
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Corona Virus. What to do as an employer?

In response to the outbreak of the Corona Virus and its expansion across borders, including into Australia, let’s take a look at how Australian employers ought to address this issue. Protect your staff: We need to ensure we do not allow an environment that fosters contamination or encourages spreading. Make sure all staff are aware… Read more

Regional Business Survey
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New Year, New Job – What’s your resolutions?

New year is a great time for making lifestyle changes, however, for resolutions affecting your financial health, there’s often no better time than when starting a new job. Along with changes to your daily routine that come with a new job can help you put in place positive changes for your finances too. Here are… Read more

consolidating your super
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Seven essentials of SME insurance..

Insurance is an absolute must-have for small business owners, and business pack is the default choice for many of them. It’s convenient to arrange and simple to deal with because, as the name suggests, a business pack is essentially a bundled product designed for SMEs and micro-SME clients. The typical risks every SME operator faces… Read more

Business interruption cover
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Insurance is not compulsory..

That’s right, insurance is not compulsory – well aside from statutory covers such as compulsory third party, workers compensation etc.  you don’t have to buy insurance. You don’t have to insure your house, your business, your cars, your legal liability.  So why do you? You do it for peace of mind. So if you’re going to be spending… Read more

Cyber Security Essentials
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Hackers don’t take a break over the festive season – Pay or don’t pay? How to respond to ransomware…

As the number of hacks and cyber attacks continues to rise, protecting the systems and data your business relies on is more important than ever. An increasingly common type of cyber attack is ransomware, which can have an instant financial impact as well as long-term consequences for the infected business. The concept behind ransomware is… Read more

Cyber Security
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The top 5 business insurance questions answered…

When should you think about your insurance? 59% of business owners have a standard review of their insurance each year. 37% of business owners would think about reviewing their insurance if they experienced an insurance changes or events. 26% of business owners think about reviewing their insurance when making business changes 16% of business owners… Read more

Business interruption cover
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Is the Insurance you are buying right for you?

So, you’ve just bought or renewed your insurance policy and by doing so, you have peace of mind that in the very unfortunate event of a loss, you will be fully covered. Right? Well, maybe. Before you settle in for the next 12 months consider this: Do you understand the policy, the conditions, the additional benefits, and more… Read more

cost of underinsurance
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The Great Grape Escape

Type “Supermarket Injury” into Google and watch the horde of law firm websites appear on your screen.  These firms have pages and pages of content designed to encourage customers to act against supermarket owners.  The websites will respond to many questions such as: What are my rights against the supermarket? Can I sue the supermarket?… Read more

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Adroit Insurance & Risk Charity Golf Day raise $112,000 for local community

It was another fantastic day at the 18th Adroit Insurance and Risk Charity Golf Day. The weather threw a few curve balls including a power outage, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the players.  180 players hit the course to battle it out for the prestigious Meatball Cup, with JP Flynn Building winning the… Read more