EcoTuff™ Technology

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New to Australia, proven in the US; EcoTuff™ is a new technology. Warp free, cost effective EcoTuff's feedstock is 100% recycled post consumer waste..

Small carbon footprint


EcoTuff™ recycling technology uses up to 16 times less energy than manufacturing a virgin product. You save landfill and greenhouse gasses.... adroit.

Recycling Process

Turning waste into products

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At Adroit we listen to the market and then facilitate the creation of innovative products through recycling post consumer waste.

First adroit resource recovery personnel procure waste materials. The material is then granulated and mixed.

Finally the mix is forced through a high pressure dye into the shapes our customers want and then cooled in a very energy efficient process.

The finished product is extremely robust and superior for many uses when compared to timber, concrete and other building materials.

Turning waste into products

How EcoTuff™ is made:

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Step 1: Post consumer waste is granulated and mixed with other recycled materials. The waste is ground into extremely small aggregates to create a very smooth, consistent and reliable product.

Step 2: EcoTuff is born as the fine composite aggregate is superheated and forced through a "dye". The dye can be almost any shape.

Step 3: The product is pushed into shape by the dye and then chilled until set.

Step 4: The product is now in usable form as EcoTuff profiles. From your waste it has become a clean, strong, rot & insect free building material.

Step 5: Clever people in construction and engineering industries use EcoTuff.