Adroit Bollards

Recycled Plastic bollards last longer and look like hardwood. Recycled Composite bollards are even better.

The EcoTuff composite will not warp nor does it have the problem of significant expansion and contraction that 100% plastic products have.

Technology is finally catching up to your requirements. EcoTuff bollards let you plan a project that will not rot or rust away and will still look great in decades to come. Not many building materials can say that. Be adroit, specify EcoTuff bollards for your project.

EcoTuff™ Bollard

Strong, stylish, the EcoTuff™ recycled bollard is best practice. No rot, splintering, termites or maintenance. For more detailed info grab a tech spec sheet by clicking on the


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Concave Bollard

Adroit's Concave Bollard is designed to be the best value bollard around due to it's innovative shape which reduces material whilst maintaining strength. It's efficient design means you


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