Local Govt Alert


BEWARE: There may be Australian business's currently supplying unmarked Chinese made WPC products to Local Govt. It's your right to know!

Australian Made

EcoTuff™ is Australian Made

Do you know where your WPC comes from?

The Strong Aussie dollar has lead many Australian suppliers to source cheaper materials from overseas, in particular China.

EcoTuff™ is made in South Australia from waste products created in Australia. This means that instead of importing other countries recycled rubbish and continuing to fill our domestic landfills, Adroit helps reduce your environmental impact and provide solutions to help our local communities.

When you add our Trees For Life commitment, your choice of Adroit product helps our communities far more. You may save a few dollars in a few instances on foreign products but at what cost?

If you are a council, contractor or home handyman: Please buy Australian and ensure you get written confirmation of origin from your supplier as part of your purchase agreement. Lets be adroit with our environment.