Definition of adroit

a-droit - adjective

1. cleverly skillful, resourceful, or ingenious. ORIGIN 1645-55;< F, OF: elegant, skillful A+ droit dreit straight, just, correct

Who is a specifier?


someone who draws up specifications giving details

Urban elements?

Urban elements are the building blocks of our urban landscape, such as bins, seats, bollards, garden beds.

About Us

New world, adroit products.

The world has changed, Adroit helps you stay ahead.

Adroit is about clever materials for clever designers. We believe that you know clever design does not mean an expensive project.

Our products are merely components for your projects. However; Adroit strives to evolve these components and add functionality, safety and as much eco as possible.


Adroit is constantly researching new directions in Street and Park assets, from bin surrounds to furniture Adroit offers the latest thinking in street and park.


As a specifier you know best on how to plan your project. Adroit strives to offer materials for you to use in your projects that help solve problems in the most environmental way possible.


From a plank on a jetty to a picnic setting or retaining wall, Adroit aims to provide better components that you can use without having to change the way you run your project. Components that fit right in and also:

  • Increase project longevity
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Create options for;
    • Improved safety
    • Quicker installation
    • Beneficial Design changes – ie: decking that spans further reducing sub frame costs.

Adroit’s range of EcoTuff™ Recycled Plastic Composite is a clever way you can build maintenance free lumbar alternatives into your current projects. No Rust, Rot, Splintering or Maintenance.


Same design, better outcome. Be adroit.

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